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About Rodjmon

Committed to the delivery of excellence, Rodjmon brings 30 years experience to bear in providing Website Development and Design, Event Planning, Communications, and Public Relations and Marketing Services.

Vision Statement

To develop Rodjmon Holdings Incorporated within five years into a Communications and Website Design Boutique Company of choice regionally, with a reputation driven on the hallmarks of value creation, provision of excellent service, and delivery of innovative and transformational results for customers.


Through effective communications strategies, innovation, attention to customer goals and objectives and unsurpassed service, Rodjmon will transform individual and corporate relationships with their publics to achieve exciting and exceptional results as well as exponential growth for the customer.

  • To grow Rodjmon through positive long-lasting customer relationships
  • To be a good corporate citizen
  • To be an environmentally friendly business leader through advocacy of the sacredness of the environment and its preservation
  • To enhance service quality regionally through excellent application, training and promotion

Core values

Integrity | | Customer Priority | | Commitment to Excellence

Honesty |  | Trust |  | Reliability |  | Mutual Respect
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"Love the world, love life and respond to the needs of others"

John Surette, The Divine Dynamic

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