Rodjmon is an environmentally friendly company in Barbados advocating the sacredness and preservation of the environment.

As the world focused on EARTH DAY celebrated April 22, 2013 many considerations were at the top of the agenda. Rodjmon's postings sought to address some concerns and highlight some blessings of our beloved earth. See what we had to say.

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Rodjmon advocates green living and a green environment. We can all be responsible and play our part by implementing the following green living initiatives.

How We Can Help to Preserve the Environment?


Water is precious and limited. Whenever you use it give God thanks. Be conscious of your use of it.

  • Use it as sparingly as possible. Use the shower instead of the bath
  • Use special fittings for taps, showers or toilets, in order to conserve water
  • Collect as much rain water as possible from your roof using tanks and or covered drum
  • Check regularly for leaking taps and fix as soon as possible
  • Observe the directions from the Water Authority during the dry season
Preserve our beautiful reefs


Electricity at the moment uses fossil fuel which is limited

  • Turn off all appliances when not in use
  • Use energy efficient lights bulbs
  • Use outdoor clothes lines when possible instead of electric dryers
  • Solar water heaters save you money and are effective

Green House Gases

  • Every time you use your vehicle you are burning fossil fuel and contributing to the build up of green house gasses

  • Do more walking or ride a bicycle where possible. For those who cannot consider car pooling
  • Turn off your engine when the car is stationary
  • Agitate government for more effective transportation
  • Agitate government for the passage of the clean air act
  • For more effective laws to penalize offenders for heavy emission into the air


  • Composting produces good fertilizer and topsoil and will ease your present landfill. It requires very little personal effort.

Illegal Dumping

  • Illegal dumping is offensive and unhealthy and spoils the beauty of the surroundings
    Collectively let us keep our environment clean
  • Think of fixing old appliances instead of buying new ones
  • Contact the Sanitation Authority with regard to removal of appliances for disposal

Conserve Paper

  • Conserve paper e.g. draft letters and reports directly onto the computer
  • Skip the paper step
  • Write school or business notes on the back of scrap paper
  • Photocopy on both sides of the paper
  • Keep some scrap paper by your printer to print out draft copies
  • Re-use envelopes by putting labels over old labels
  • Re-use old file folders by putting labels over old labels
  • Buy toilet paper and tissue made from recycled paper where possible
  • Where possible buy recycled paper and support businesses that use recycled paper
  • Reuse gift paper instead of throwing it away.


  • Plastic causes great harm to the environment
  • Take your own shopping bag to the supermarket
  • When buying fruits and vegetables bring one bag to put them all in
  • Buy products in recycled or better yet refillable containers
  • Collect your glass, plastic bottles and newspapers and send them to places where they will be recycled
  • Magazines can be sent to Doctors, Dentists Offices and Nursing Homes
  • Do not put them in the garbage
  • Keep in your cupboard borax, baking soda, washing soda, vinegar, lemon juice and soap flakes to replace chlorine bleach, abrasive powers, glass cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, disinfectants, etc. You may also use environmentally friendly degradable products.

Use natural gas and solar where possible

  • When building your home, try to use materials and accessories that will make for a cooler building and at the same time conserve energy and water

Plant Trees

Move to Top

  • Plant trees - they help to reduce green house gases, cool the air, and above all beautify the environment
  • Plant trees on the western side of the home to shade it from the afternoon sun
  • Reduce noise levels, listen to the sounds of nature and enjoy the sounds of silence sometimes
  • Purchase locally/regionally made goods and services to encourage the growth of the local and regional economy(CSME)

Some of the above was taken from a brochure entitled "Solid Waste Management Outreach Programme, Barbados" adapted for Barbados by the Sewerage and Solid Waste Project Unit of the Ministry of Health.

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