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What's Happening

Kadooment 2011

Kadooment 2011 though rainy was enjoyed by all, even Barbados's Grammy award Super Star Rihanna. Over 10,000 revelers paraded their stunning, colourful costumes before thousands of onlookers as they jumped and partied in the streets, to the sweet calypso music on Grand Kadooment Day.

Kadooment Day celebrated the 1st Monday in August, is the finale of Barbados' most popular national festival, a five week celebration of music, dance, art, Barbadian cusine and culture at its best.

World Environment Day recently celebrated on 05 June 2011

According to the UN, the present and future for 7 billion of the world's population, will depend on conserving and restoring our world's forest. On World Environmantal Day, the UN charged us with the responsibility, to continue, with resolve and commitment to preserve our forest, so that we may continue to enjoy the important services that forests provide, in our generation and the next. Read More

"Happiness is where you find it
and very seldom where you seek it.

Published by History and Heraldry"

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